Alaska, Summer Solstice, 1999.

A few years ago it ocurred to me that it would be pretty cool to run a marathon. Kira had run several and seemed to get a lot out of it. My friend, Gregg Lewis, had run two and was planning a third Anchorage, Alaska. Kira and I tagged along for The Midnight Mayor's Marathon, and some sightseeing.

Kira near the Harding Icefield, Seward, Alaska.

Kira and Adrian and Gregg Lewis (who got Adrian thinking about this whole marathon thing) at the start of the race. Temperature was about 50 at the start. Sunny so it felt hotter. The clouds rolled in and it felt cooler during the race.

Kira and Adrian and Clay (Gregg and Katie's boy) and Katie and Gregg at the post-race pizza-n-beer feed. Kira kicked butt: 3:44. Adrian finished in 4:21.

The day after the race we hopped on the Alaska Railroad for Denali National Park. The following day we took a day trip into the park. We actually did see the peak of Mt. McKinley; you can just make it out over Adrian's left shoulder. We are at 2,000' above sea level; McKinley is over 20,000' above sea level 16 miles away.

We did a day hike across a valley. These are the Polychrome Mountains in the foreground and the Alaska range in the background.

There are no hiking trails in Denali. You just get out and hike whereever you want.

Some caribou followed us for awhile in a river drainage. You can just make them out if you look closely. We had heard that people don't get close to caribou cuz they are so skittish and will run away. Not these two.

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