Alaska trip, Summer Solstice 1999, page two

Took the train back to Anchorage, then hopped into a rental car for the next three days. We planned to go to Seward and, if we felt like it, on to Homer.

This is the seaport of Seward. It is set in a spectacular location with nice, young peaks surrounding the town and glaciers running down to the ocean between the peaks.

About 6 miles outside of town is the Exit Glacier. There is an excellent trail up the right side of it up to the Harding Icefields. We took a hike and made it about 2500' feet up. This is the view from about 2000' feet above the end of the glacier. You can see its run-out here.

Kira above treeline.

Kira and Adrian in front of the glacier.


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