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Upper Redfish Lakes, Sawtooths, Idaho

August 2 - 3, 2003 with Paul Woods.

We caught the hiker's shuttle fairly early and were on the trail by 9am. Didn't really know how we were getting to our destination but Paul had heard about a route to the lakes that would have eliminated the nasty bushwhacking to get from the trail to Cramer Lakes across the valley floor to the Upper Redfish Lakes drainage and then up the drainage (also bushwhacking). The downside is that it involved hiking/scrambling up to a 9400' saddle above Alpine Lake. It worked out fine though. From the saddle it was a fairly easy descent down into the Upper Redfish Lakes basin.

We camped between the two lakes and did a quick day-hike up to Lake Kathryn the next morning. Got rained on a little bit but not at bad times (i.e. not at dinner).

The fishing was pretty good but the fish were pretty small. I landed 8 fish between 7" and 12". Cutthroat trout.

On the way out we mixed it up a bit and went down the drainage and did the bushwhack across the valley floor. It was ugly but only for a short time.

See the map at the bottom

(In the fishing contest Adrian won: 8 - 1. Adrian caught all his fish using a daredevil lure while Paul's flies were not working)

This is the start of the climb up to the saddle between Alpine Lake and Upper Redfish Lakes. It's about 1000' feet up from here to the top.

View of the saddle.

Walking on the snow was nice compared to the rocks.

Adrian at the saddle. The haziness is smoke from the Hot Creek fire near Atlanta (about 30 miles away). It blew in quickly; wind must have changed.

(There's nothing wrong with your browser...I accidentally got my camera in black-and-white mode for the rest of the trip)

Paul and Adrian at the saddle.

Our camp.

View from the ridge between Upper Redfish Lakes and Lake Kathryn. This is looking down on Upper Redfish Lakes.

Paul at Lake Kathryn. Nice do-rag.

The lake has an island. Be nice to swim out to it one day.

Native cutthroat (Oncorhynchus clarki)

We had to cross Redfish Creek on the return trip. Brrrr...

Map of our route. It was about 7 miles in and 6.2 out.