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String Cheese Incident

Camping Trip to Uintas in Utah with Dawson Boys

September 16-17, 2000.

Headed up the Mirror Lake highway with Mike Dawson and his two oldest sons, Conner and Keegan. We were informed at the gate that only the first four campgrounds were still open; The Forest Servide had shut the higher elevation ones down already. It was 93 degrees in the Salt Lake valley and they had already shut the campgrounds down??? Anyway, the ones that were open were full so we walked into one of the nice ones up high (at about 9000') and camped there.

On Saturday afternoon we did the quick hike to the summit of Mt. Baldy, elevation approx. 11,600 ft. Had a wonderful meal of mac-n-cheese and hot-dogs and s'mores. Fished for about an hour on Sunday (caught one little rainbow trout).

(at the end of the page there are a few pictures from our visit to the Utah State Fair)

Dawsons on a cliff

Step back just a little bit more...

Adrian and his two favorite kids

Future father???

See Forever

Nice background.

Poppa and boys

Anyone else think Mike has a grin like the Joker on Batman?

Photography by Conner

Photography by Conner.

Happy Boy!

Conner at the Utah State Fair.

Keegan Dawson

Keegan and the Utah State Fair.

The littlest Dawson

A very young Casey Dawson. Welcome to the world!