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Sawtooth Relay 2000: Stoel/Rives team Kira

July 28-29, 2000

The Sawtooth Relay is a running race which starts in Stanley, Idaho, (6400 feet above sea level) and ends in Boise (2800 feet). It is 121 miles. Each team consists of two sub-teams of 6 (12 total). Each person runs two legs for a total of 24 legs. Each leg varies in horizontal distance from 4.4 miles to 6.5 miles, and vertical distance from losing 1200 feet to climbing 1200 feet.

The Stoel/Rives team started in Stanley at 7pm Friday evening and finished Saturday morning at just after 11am. Total time: 16 hours, 10 minutes for an average pace of 8 minutes per mile.

Team members (in running order):
Christopher Pooser (captain)
Keith Donahue
Kevin Beaton
Christine Hall
Adrian Pfisterer
Dan Gordon
Mandy Hessing
Angela Sillman
Kit Harper
Kate Lester
Kirk Hessing

Stoel/Rives 2000

Leg Name Split
Distance Vert Rise/Fall
1 Kira 33:10 4.4
2 Christopher Pooser 39:15
3 Keith Donahue 40:10
4 Kevin Beaton 33:10
5 Christine Hall 36:28
6 Adrian Pfisterer 36:02
7 Dan Gordon 36:05
8 Mandy Hessing 46:04
9 Angela Sillman 36:24
10 Kit Harper 35:00
11 Kate Lester 46:50
12 Kirk Lessing 37:00
13 Kira 44:50
14 Christopher Pooser 40:20
15 Keith Donahue 37:30
16 Kevin Beaton 54:45
17 Christine Hall 37:50 (!)
18 Adrian Pfisterer 45:50
19 Dan Gordon 45:00
20 Mandy Hessing 53:56
21 Angela Sillman 49:21
22 Kit Harper 30:00
23 Kate Lester 42:36
24 Kirk Lessing 33:00

Van 1

Van One at the start with the Sawtooths in the back.

Van 2

Van Two just south of Idaho City, waiting for Dan Gordon.

Christopher and Christine

Christopher Pooser and Christine Hall at the start carbo-loading.

Kira near Stanley

Kira looking strong near Stanley.

End of leg one

Typical change-over area.

Lovely Christine catching flies

Taken at about 3:30am. Van one finished their first legs at about 11pm, got to lay down at about midnight, and had to get up at 1:45am to meet the 2nd group at around 2:30am in Lowman. That's less than two hours sleep. Christine is trying to extend it here.

Pooser and Cheetos

Just what's in those Cheetos anyway?


Adrian and Kevin in Idaho City at about 7:30am. Second cup of coffee for Adrian. First one was at the Lowman bar at 2:15am. If you want an interesting experience go into the bar (sober) at the South Fork Lodge in Lowman at 2:15am on a Sat morning.

Dan Gordon

Dan finishing his second leg south of Idaho City at about 8:00am.


Christine making Bloody Mary's. Note the long shadows. That can mean one of two things: it's early in the morning or late in the evening. Van one got to Sandy Point (the finish line) at about 8:30am just in time for a nice drink. Mmmmmm......nothing like a Bloody Mary at 8:30am on 1.5 hours sleep and having run 11 miles during the night.

FuzzyP, a.k.a. FunnyBunny

Nap time.