The Drakensburg region of South Africa is the mountainous part of the country. A great basalt escarpment separates the interior plateau from the coastal region. The highest peaks are about 3000m (10,000') and are the highest on the African continent after Kilimanjaro. Huge masses of lava were thrust upwards in the Mesozoic period and cooled into black basalt.

This was the first region we visited on our 10 day jaunt around the eastern part of the country.

We went on a day hike with a guide. We were going to try to climb Cathedral Peak, one of the highest in the area, but our guide advised against it due to weather. He turned out to be correct as we witnessed a lightning storm in the summit area of Cathedral Peak later that day.

Some cool looking trees on our hike.

We were walking in and out of the clouds during our walk.

Another area of the Drakensburg we visited was the Giant's Castle area. This area is known for its Bushmen (San) rock paintings, which we were able to see.

Beautiful scenery.

I had to take this picture. We were in the middle of beautiful mountains and small villages and there was a sign advertising Internet service. Such is the dichotomy of South Africa.

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