Backpacking trip w/Fred Willerup, Sawtooths

September 5th - 7th, 1998


Did a two night backpack trip to my secret lake in the Sawtooths over Labor Day weekend. Some people say the Sawtooths are too crowded but not if you're willing to get out your compass and leave the trail. We didn't see anyone else the whole weekend and it was only a two hour hike to the lake.

This was the 4th time I've visited this lake and the poorest fishing of all the times I've been there. I caught 4 and Fred caught 7; none of any significant size (all in the 12" range). Not quite sure why this time was worse than others.

We hiked Imogene Peak one day. It's about 10,180'; not a hard mountain but it was right there. There was a little lightning around and we had to take shelter for about 1/2 an hour.


Fred and I at the top.


Holed up under a rock waiting for the storm to blow over.


Looking down a ridge toward the upper lake. The fishing pole seems a little out of place.


View from the top looking north.


Cool rainbow. Same rainbow as the one at the top of this page. One of the only times I can remember seeing an entire rainbow.


Looking up at the peak from our campsite.


Getting a little reading in.


View from the peak from the road.

The End.