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Hyndman Peak Day Hike

July 23, 2000.

Participants: Adrian and Kira Pfisterer, Gary Chadwick, Echo Sarlya, Brad Purdy, Michelle Waddell, Merideth Butler, Diana Gutierrez, Aaron English, Betsy, Boon, and Katie.

Several of us were in the Ketchum area for the annual Backcountry Run and decided to dayhike into the basin between Cobb, Hyndman, and Old Hyndman Peaks in the Pioneers. Due to the logistics associated with group dynamics we didn't hit the trail til 11:30 but it is a short hike to the lakes in the basin; due to our late start we had given up on summitting. Hike starts at 7000 feet, follows an old road for about 3 miles, turns left up a drainage and starts to get steep. The lake we stopped at lies at about 9700 feet. Took us about two and a half hours to get there.

The group

From left: Adrian, Gary, Echo, Diana, Kira, Michelle, Brad, Merideth, Aaron.

The peak and the pretty ridge

Hyndman Peak on the right. Looks like we're planning our ascent but the summit would have to wait for another day.

Brad, Boon, and Betsy

Brad with Cobb Peak behind him. The dogs had a good day.

Adrian and Kira

Nice hair! (on Adrian)

Lake at 7700 feet

A couple of people tried to swim but it was too cold. The dogs of course didn't think so. Even Katie got in after Merideth assured us she never swims.


The wildflowers on this day were spectactular. The pictures do not do it justice but the fields of colors were beautiful.

The Lovely Mrs. Pfisterer

The lovely Mrs. Pfisterer.



Betsy swimming???

Yes, even Betsy needed to cool off.

Betsy catching air

Betsy was soooo happy. She would run and run and run at full speed. Here she is in mid-stride.

Pines and scree

The stream starts in the rocks at the end of this valley and winds its way through the meadows and pines.